Mata de Sesimbra, Portugal

An endorsed One Planet Community

Mata de Sesimbra master plan. credit: Foster and Partners, Greenwoods

Mata de Sesimbra master plan credit: Foster and Partners, Greenwoods

Mata de Sesimbra is the world´s first endorsed One Planet Living Community Resort– a €1 billion integrated development underway  by Greenwoods, which brings together a sustainable housing design,  a nature conservation and forestation program and an eco-friendly transportation concep.

Mata de Sesimbra master plan phrase 3. credit: Foster and Partners, Greenwoods

Located in the “Peninsula de Setubal”, 33 km south of the city of Lisbon, Mata de Sesimbra is surrounded by a natural environment of immense natural beauty.

The resort is part of an overall project  that covers an area of more than 5,300 hectares of which more than 4,800 hectares are planned for the natural forest park  – the largest private forest conservation project in Europe -, and 500 hectares issued for a mixed use touristic and real estate program.

The environmental conservation and forestation project has been underway for a number of years, and an official land planning permission has already been granted for the resort and for the total development area.

Having adopted the BioRegional / WWF One Planet Living approach, Greenwoods Ecoresorts is developing the sustainable design andmanagement plans for the key  areas of the resort (tourist units, hotels, golf courses, commercial areas and natural landscape parks), supported by the expertise of Foster + Partners and BioRegional consultants.

Mata de Sesimbra master plan - birds view. credit: Foster and Partners, Greenwoods

Foster + Partners is in charge of the master plan and building concepts and BioRegional is advising on the principles of the One Planet Living model for a sustainable development.

Mata de Sesimbra - villas among the forest. credit Foster and Partners, Greenwoods